About Us....
Dr Vidhyadhar Tyashette & Dr Mrs Hema Tyashette personally oversee the working providing the needed guidance and support to the staff.

"A good surgeon knows how to operate. A better surgeon knows when to operate and the best surgeon knows when NOT to operate."

Dr. VIDHYADHAR TYASHETE is one of the most respected and consulted general surgeon in Kankavli. He has been practicing for over 12 years . He is also the force behind the satisfied hearts and upbeat faces of his patients and their families. He is specialised in Gastero-Enterology, Paediatric Surgery, Onco Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Uro Surgery. Beyond his expertise in professional life Dr Vidhyadhar Tyashette is also involved in many social activities.

He runs an NGO for poor & needy people named Vasant Sudha Charitable Trust