Our Doctors....
General Surgeon Dr. Vidhyadhar Tayshete Mon to Sat 10 am to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm and Emergency
E.N.T. Surgeon Dr. Shripad Patil Every Thursday 2 pm
Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Nilesh Pakale  
  Dr. Sameer Navare  
Joint and Spine Surgeon Dr. Deepak Joshi 1st Sunday of month 12 pm
Physician Dr. B. K. Shelke  
  Dr. Vivek Redekar  
Neuro Pshysician Dr. Kaustubh Aurangabadkar 2nd Sunday of month 3 pm
Gastro Enterologist Dr. Aneesh Amate with Appointment
Uro Surgeon Dr. R.M.Kulkarni with Appointment
Cancer Surgeon Dr. Sunil Patil with Appointment
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Avinash Patil with Appointment
Paediatric Surgeon Dr. Sudhakar Jadhav Sunday with Appointment
Laser Surgeons(Varicose Veins) Dr. Sunil Waghmare Sunday with Appointment
Kidney Stone Specialist . (Laser Surgeon) Dr. Raghoji with Appointment once in a month